Corporate Events


Corporate Days

Are you looking for an innovative way to bring your team together to work in collaboration? Have you ever considered a woodland experience day for your company? Forest school is proven to improve the well being and effectiveness of a team as well as identifying individual strengths and encourage cohesion while experiencing a memorable day for your team.

We offer a range of unique activities such as fire lighting, cooking on a campfire together, building camps , den building, willow weaving, sensory games and experiences, mindfulness, bush craft skills,  problem solving and much more!

Team building is vital to the success of any business and as a result, well-designed team  building events are crucial. Fireflies Forest School can provide team building and corporate away days led by qualified and experienced Forest School Leaders. 

We offer bespoke packages of team building activities that will improve communication, boost morale and well being, promote creative thinking, and encourage resilience and problem solving. 

Team building

We can plan fun and interactive team building games and activities which will develop friendships and bridge relationships between teams and departments, all whilst under the beautiful canopy of a woodland. We will plan team building activities which rely upon lateral thinking and creative solutions that are fun and provide experiences and memories which the team will remember and look back on forever. 

Well being and Morale

Giving your staff time to sit around a log fire and talk shouldn't be underestimated. How often do your staff get to immerse themselves in nature and chat? The natural environment has a powerful influence on our well being which in turn will boost morale.

Problem Solving

We can plan challenges and problems which your team have to work together to reach a solution. They will have to take into account each others ideas and skills to succeed. 

Communication and Relationships

Spending time with the people you work with outside of work provides opportunities for rich natural communication which is stress free and not related to deadlines, budgets or targets. We find that when you have a group of employees sitting around a log circle with a crackling fire and the smell of cooking campfire snacks  relationships and conversations blossom. With the added relaxation from hearing the birds singing and wind blowing through the woodland canopy above. 

These are the moments when employees are relaxed and can put their deadlines and work pressures aside to engage in natural communication  while being immersed in nature. 

If  you are looking for a team building away day for your company please get in touch and we can  discuss a bespoke programme designed for your staff.