Easter Holiday Camp!


Easter Holidays!

A two hour adventure in the woods! This will involve teaching the tribe to light fires as a team, put up ropes to play on, create woodland crafts and play games in the woods! There will always be  the option of taking part in some activities such as making bird feeders, carving whistles or mini beast hunting but our sessions are child led so this will depend on the child's wishes!

 We will have our own section in the woods roped off which the children can roam and play with freedom whilst immersing themselves in nature. 

Numbers are restricted and we are expected to fill up very quickly so book early to avoid disappointment. 

The session will go ahead in all kinds of weather so please ensure your child is dressed with warm layers and waterproof outer layers.  The only time we cancel will be if the weather is deemed unsafe due to strong winds.



Easter Camp 18th April 1-3 pm


Due to popular demand we have added another Easter Camp session to the afternoon on the 18th April. Our last two on 8th April SOLD OUT very quickly so please book soon to avoid  disappointment. 

 Please meet us in the car park. We will have a Fires flies banner up and will start walking down to our site at 10 am, so please arrive a little early. 

max 20 children


Reduced size session 18th April 10-12pm


This is a session for children and young people  who would benefit from coming to forest school in a much smaller group. This session is a maximum of 8 children and will offer a unique and rich forest school experience. Please note your child does not need to have any formal diagnosis to attend. It is simply a smaller session to enable those who find a large group tricky. Please be reassured that all child are welcome to all of our sessions as we are inclusive to all and are happy to work with our parents to ensure we are accessible.

There will be two experienced forest school staff who have extensive experience working with children with challenging behaviour, Autism, Anxiety disorders, Pathological demand avoidance, sensory processing conditions, ADHD, Dyspraxia, and various mental health conditions. 

We are happy to discuss any individual needs your child may have so that we can work together to ensure the session is as engaging and beneficial as possible. If your child would benefit from a visual timetable or photographs of the forest school team or of the site please let us know. If your child has any sensory needs which you feel we would benefit from knowing please let us know so that we can ensure that we can have resources available to meet these needs such as something to swing on, a den to hide in, ear defenders and so on.

We will have ropes, hammocks, tools and fire. This session will also have the addition of campfire SNACKS! 

Please meet us in the car park. We will have a Fires flies banner up and will start walking down to our site at 1 pm, so please arrive a little early. 

To ensure we can meet the needs of the group and for every child to get the most from the session this group will be limited to 8 children.  

£17 for 2 hours

Max 8 children